This workshop will focus on several data collection, analysis and visualization tools that have been developed in the context of eLTER. The workshop is aimed at researchers, administrators and technicians who are involved in a eLTER projects, or long-term ecological research. The workshop programme includes technical activities, and potential participants should have a background in spatial and/or statistical software. Thus, a basic knowledge of R and python will help to get the most out of the workshop. The format for this workshop will be “hands-on”, such that each participant will learn to use all of the tools using his/her laptop. Sufficient time will be dedicated to each tool to allow participants to install software and work with the tools, and also incorporate data from their own eLTER sites. We will also visit Yzeron catchment as an example of eLTER Site.

The tools to be included:

1.       DataLabs: A collaborative platform for scientists to share data, work, code and more.

2.       DEIMS – SDR: Dynamic Ecological Information Management System - Site and dataset registry, to discover long-term ecosystem research sites and what is measured on them.

3.       ReLTER:  an R package that provides access to DEIMS-SDR, allowing it to interact with software implemented by eLTER Research Infrastructure (RI) and improving the data/information shared among the LTER network.

4.       PhenoApp: a tool integrated into a set of tools (GeeLTERMap) that allows to provide an easy mapping interface from which we can visualize, analyze, download and validate Phenology metrics for any eLTER site.

5.       Cookie cutting: A tool to harmonise official statistics and other data to eLTER site boundaries.

More information on tools and the agenda will soon be available at eLTER website.

Costs: The workshop is free of charge and eLTER PLUS will cover the lunches. Participants are expected to organize and pay for their travels and accommodation.

Application: If you are interested in participating this workshop, please fill the following questionnaire. The deadline for submission is Nov. 13th 2022:

Participant selection: The workshop venue allows for a maximum of 25 participants. If there are more applications, participants will be selected based on:

·         criteria 1: connection to eLTER sites and platforms

·         criteria 2: experience in spatial analysis

·         criteria 3: willingness to provide in situ data


eLTER announces its call for funded Transnational Access (TA) and Remote Access (RA) for scientists working in the areas of biodiversity, biogeochemistry, hydrology or socio-ecological research.
All 38 sites in 19 countries are equipped with state-of-the-art instrumentation to enable comprehensive ecological measurement and experimental campaigns. The long-term data on those sites is available to compare with or to be used as a reference. Likewise, state-of-the-art socio-economic research is conducted at several of them. IT facilities are provided for data upload, storage and processing. Financial support is available.
Deadline for Submissions: 31 January 2022
Evaluation and notification of outcome: 15 March 2022
More information


No âmbito do projeto LIFE Montado-Adapt, a UNAC (União da Floresta Mediterrânica) irá realizar na próxima 4ª feira, 15 de dezembro, a ação de formação em Marketing Digital, que tem por objetivo:
1) Preparar os proprietários de Montados para técnicas e ferramentas on-line de comunicação com a sociedade, sobre a sua gestão florestal sustentável, aumentando desta forma a consciência global sobre a importância dos Montados;
2) Dotar os proprietários de ferramentas on-line para comercialização/ divulgação dos seus produtos de origem agrícola e florestal, dado que a diversificação das produções é uma forma de adaptação às alterações climáticas que permite garantir a sustentabilidade económica.
Esta formação é dirigida prioritariamente aos parceiros do projeto, mas também é possível a participação de gestores de Montados que pretendam aderir à fase de replicação do projeto LIFE Montado-Adapt.
Para a inscrição deverão clicar no link abaixo que remete para o formulário de inscrição (a inscrição é gratuita). A formação está limitada a um total de 20 participantes.


A SPECO e a Coordenadora Nacional da Plataforma LTER Portugal convidam toda a comunidade para a sessão de lançamento dos vídeos LTER Portugal a 23 de Novembro | 16h30 | 3.2.14 Grande auditório da Faculdade de Ciências da Universidade de Lisboa.
Terá a oportunidade de assistir aos quatro vídeos produzidos e realizados por Miguel Cortes Costa e Carolina Castro Almeida que retratam, extraordinariamente, o trabalho de décadas de investigação ecossistemas portugueses de Norte a Sul do país.

Guarde já o seu lugar AQUI

Prof. Qing-Wei Wang and Dr. James Weldon 12/11/2021

We are excited to announce the 2nd ILTER webinar to share and learn research findings using the ILTER network sites. We do hope you will enjoy the research talks by our two excellent speakers.

Invited speakers
Prof. Qing-Wei WANG
Institute of Applied Ecology, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS)
ILTER member network: JaLTER (Ogawa)
Topic: Unignorable photodegradation: Solar radiation is accelerating carbon cycle process of temperate forest ecosystems

Dr. James WELDON
Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences, SLU
ILTER member network: LTER Sweden (IM Sweden, Integrated Monitoring sites)
Topic: Weak recovery of epiphytic lichen communities in Sweden over 20 years of rapid air pollution decline
Date and time:
Wednesday, 8th December 2021 (11:00 – 12:00 AM UTC)
Please check your own time zone.
ILTER Webinars times will vary to capture audiences across different regions. Therefore, we will record all presentations that will be available to all on our ILTER YouTube channel.
Please register from the link below to get an invitation email with Zoom access. We are looking forward to seeing all of you at the ILTER webinar via ZOOM.

Registration Here: