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"International Long Term Ecological Research Network & LTER-France (Zones Ateliers Network & Critcal Zone Observatories) joint conference" followed by the ILTER Coordinating Committe Meeting

The LTER-France - Zones Ateliers Network & Critical Zone Observatories - are very delighted to organize the 25th ILTER annual meeting. It will be combined with the Zone Atelier biennial Conference and it will focus on the further achievement of the Long Term Socio-ecological Research.
This event provides a unique opportunity for presenting the interdisciplinary research and development activities concerning trends, recent developments and achievements that have been realized on the Long Term Socio-Ecosystems sites and platforms.


Global Change Impacts in Sierra Nevada (Spain) @Sierra Nevada LTER-site (Spain).

Sierra Nevada Global Change Observatory is a long term monitoring program to assess the effects of global change in Sierra Nevada LTER-site, a high mountain region located in southern Spain. Since 2007 this project has been collecting information to identify the impacts of global change on sociecosystems of this mountain region.



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